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Coach Resources

Here you can find resources that can help you organize your team.

The NICA Coach Education Program was introduced to ensure that all student-athletes have adult leaders familiar with the best coaching practices. Licensed coaches have been trained in topics that include risk management, team management, ride management, and youth sports psychology. All Licensed Coaches are covered by comprehensive liability insurance provided by the League for the duration of the season.  In order to work with student-athletes and ride with the team, all adults must be licensed coaches (for the safety of our student-athletes and to be covered by insurance).


To maximize SAFETY and FUN the following ratios must be adhered to:

When riding trails a Level 2 or 3 Coach MUST be leading the ride (all student-athletes behind the lead coach).

  • A solo Level 2 or Level 3 coach can have up to 6 student-athletes with them (1:6)
  • With an additional coach (Level 1, 2, or 3) sweeping the group, two coaches may ride with 8 student-athletes (2:8 = groups size of 10)
  • When practicing in an open field where student-athletes can be seen at all times by the lead Level 3 coach (skills practice, games, short course in grass) the ratios can relax