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Golden State South ICL racing is an inclusive format for youth, offering participants the opportunity to experience and learn discipline, success, failure, and graceful defeat.

Racing in the team environment helps student-athletes learn empathy, humility, flexibility, and resiliency. Student-athletes learn that it takes a village to build a successful racer, as well as to put on a race.

Racing with GoSo takes on many forms, including cross-country (XC), rally, and time trials.

“…every time I attend a race I am struck by its positive effect on kids’ lives, many who have just discovered this healthy sport though NICA’s programs.”

– Cycling legend Ned Overend

Volunteers Make It Work

NICA is a volunteer built and supported organization. There is no doubt that coaches, race and adventure weekend volunteers, and event and league staff volunteers are vital to every piece of the experience. Find out more about how to be part of the team.