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Donate to Golden State South ICL

GoSo is driven to provide equal and inclusive opportunities for all California youth to try mountain biking.

By donating, you are not only helping create lifelong cyclists, but you are also encouraging the youth of Southern California to make healthier eating choices, engage in more physical activity, spend more time outdoors, and develop a deeper appreciation and respect for the environment, our trails, and other trail users.

Donate to the Golden State South League!

Help us get #MoreKidsOnBikes in Southern California:

Your support will help fuel the following programs:

  • Scholarships and Loaner Bike Program for student-athletes
  • Scholarships for coaches to receive higher levels of training, and the expansion of the Loaner Bike Program to support coaches as well
  • Student-Athlete programs such as Girls Riding Together (GRiT), Teen Trail Corp (TTC) and to support further outreach development to ensure this opportunity is available to all youth across the state
With your donation, you are ensuring the best and safest mountain bike programs for the youth in our schools. The league is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, all donations are 100% tax deductible.
Your donation will stay in Southern California to impact our youth.

No gift is too small. Thank you!