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Find a Team Close to You

Teams are available for both Middle School and High School students, grade 6-12, from San Luis Obispo south. While the GoSo League does host a race series, there is no requirement to race in order to be part of a club/team.

Simply find the team that covers your school on the map below for contact information, and send a message stating your interest. One of the team coaches will get back to you with more info and to discuss having you join the team.

Can't find a team in your area?

Types of Teams

School-Based Teams are comprised of students grade 6-12 from the same middle or high school, public or private. School-Based Teams can be “official” or “unofficial”. A School-Based Team provides students with:

  • Access to try something new
  • Alternative to traditional sports
  • Identity within the school community

Composite Teams cover a specific geographic area and serve all middle and high schools within that area.

  • Composite Teams are intended to be temporary solutions toward building school-based teams.
  • Homeschool students may join Composite Teams according to the location of the school they would attend if not homeschooled.