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League Leadership

Our Golden State South ICL Staff is a group of cycling and outdoor enthusiasts who believe in helping to positively shape future generations through bikes.
We strive to exemplify NICA’s mission, vision, and values while instilling these qualities in the coaches, volunteers, and student-athletes who participate in the League.

We work diligently to provide all students across Southern California with opportunities to participate in competitive and adventure bike activities, as well as trail stewardship.

Our hope is that Southern California’s youth will fall in love with cycling and the outdoors and carry this simple yet powerful tool, a bike, with them throughout their life.


Brandon Baker – League Director

Brandon Baker is a Santa Barbara local. Past professional motocross racer, bio mechanist, strength/conditioning and endurance specialist. He is currently a pro racer in road, mountain bike and cyclocross. Brandon has a lot of experience coaching youth in motocross and cycling. Brandon will be serving as our executive league director and the program director, and sitting on all remaining committee.

Dillon Oslegger

Dillon Osleger is the executive director of Sage, a non profit trail stewardship and environmental advocacy organization operating out of Santa Barbara. Dillon has a ton of experience with youth and currently works with the Waldorf school cycling program. Dillon will be serving as our Venue selection committee chair, sitting on the committee for outreach and aiding in fundraising. Dillon is a huge asset to us for NICA.

Camron Baker – Race Director

Camron Baker, another Santa Barbara local, is a youth leader for a local church, Calvary Chapel, which operates programs with middle and high schoolers. He works part time at a bike shop, Hazards Cycle Sport as a mechanic and outreach leader. Camron has immense knowledge and experience in youth leadership, development, and guidance. Camron will be serving as our Outreach Committee chair. He will also be serving on our committee for fundraising and social media.


Molly Lofton

Molly Lofton is the owner and founder of Bummerland Brand, a cycling specific clothing company. Molly is a huge advocate for furthering women's cycling and has used her platform to further that mission by introducing bikes to new people. She advocates for our local community by hosting rides and organizing hangouts, furthering the base for all riders. Molly will be serving as our branding/social medial chair. She will also be the temporary communications chair, and sitting on the fundraising committee.