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Start a Team

Most mountain bike teams start small and grow quickly; it’s a tremendous challenge but highly rewarding!


Extensive mountain biking experience is not necessary. One should simply have the desire to introduce kids to the joys of mountain biking. Once you have decided to create a club/team, the GoSo League can help educate you and provide you with all the tools necessary to be an excellent coach.

Administrators, teachers, parents, students and/or community members can start a mountain bike club/team at their local middle school or high school. While a school “insider” (teacher or administrator) has intimate knowledge of the process of starting a club/team within the school (as each school/district might be a little different), remember that parents are also members of the school community and can certainly partner with their school administration to get a club/team formed.

Visit your school and ask questions about their current sports programs and clubs. Whether considered a club, or an athletic program, it is important to find support from the school. Discuss your plans and ideas with your school administration, and you’re ready to get started. 

Please also check out NICA’s Coaching With NICA page and feel free to reach out to the GoSo League for information and resources that may help you in answering questions your school administration may have for you.


Teams are available for both Middle School and High School students. While the GoSo League does host a race series, there is no requirement to race in order to be part of a club/team.

School-Based Teams are comprised of students grade 6-12 from the same middle or high school, public or private. School-Based Teams can be “official” or “unofficial”. A School-Based Team provides students with:

  • Access to try something new
  • Alternative to traditional sports
  • Identity within the school community

Composite Teams cover a specific geographic area and serve all middle and high schools within that area. Composite Teams are intended to be temporary solutions toward building school-based teams

Homeschool students may join Composite Teams according to the location of the school they would attend if not homeschooled.


The GoSo League includes the southern half of the state, from San Luis Obispo to San Diego, and all student-athletes attending middle school or high school in southern California are eligible. Students attending school in neighboring states/regions would participate with their region’s respective league.


The GoSo League is a Fall League. Clubs/Teams practice and ride together all season long, working towards adventure rides and a Fall race series (there is no requirement to race in order to be part of a club/team). The season wraps up two weeks after our last event.